Dave – I am the proud owner of both Captain Jack’s Tattoo Studio as well as the Owner/Director/Licensed Instructor of Captain Jack’s Tattoo School (conveniently located on 82nd and Woodstock). I live locally in Portland, Oregon. I first opened the doors in the later half of the 90’s & I have thoroughly enjoyed being an established business owner for well over 20 years now and have been very successful in the tattoo/body piercing industry. I have grown to be well known and respected in the community for both my passion & talent(s) in the art/tattoo trade AND for my consistent demand for integrity in my community, business and personal affairs. On a personal level, I have a vast array of special interest and hobbies, beyond the tattoo/piercing industry, some of these being: I am an avid traveler and I have traveled/enjoyed many parts of Europe, and beyond. I enjoy traveling with Cyndi, my wife, and thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family just as much as I can…. I also love to travel/spend time in hot desert spots, Arizona being my favorite and where I’d love to spend my retirement. I take special interest in motorcycles, particularly Harley Davidson’s. I love to ride and also ride with my wife just as much as we can. One of my favorite hobbies and pass time is rock collecting. I am more particular about where the rock came from, rather than what it looks like. I have a large collection in all sizes, shapes and colors, from many famous landmarks around the world… And last but not least, I take special interest in my 3 dogs; Joey, Chloe and Jozie. They are loyal and unique in personalities & I care very much for each of them.

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